Speaking and Presentations

I would love to come to your district or organization to meet your professional learning needs. 

Keynote and Workshops

Leading Change
Typically there are things leaders wants to change in their school or district, but bringing about change is not always easy. In this session we will look at specific steps leaders can take to help change current practices of teachers or other administrators and how to make that change last. We will look through the lens of how to change homework, but we will also discuss other hot educational topics including: assessment, reading, rewards, and lesson design. Leaders will leave with practical steps they can take to help lead change. 

Who is Telling Your Story?
Who is telling your the story of your school or district?  There are great things happening in our schools, and our parents, students, and community need to know.  How can we use social media to get the word out about the great things happening in our schools and build culture at the same time?  Brandon will discuss how engaging parents and staff members through social media changed the culture of both his school and district and how you can do the same thing with your school.

Engagement- Passion and Engagement for Students, Staff, and Community
This session is given as a keynote with six elementary teachers. The teachers and Brandon are available to do breakout sessions after the keynote.

Join seven Roseville City District educators as they describe how they helped transform their classroom and school into a campus focused on passion and engagement.  The opening session will include practical strategies that all educators can immediately implement regardless of grade level (K-12).  Some of the topics covered will include: student expectations, parent engagement, special experiences for students, best ways to help build relationships, and how all of these help with classroom management.  The group brings energy to their presentations so expect to learn a lot, be engaged, and have some fun.

Increasing the Use of 4 C's
We know students need to collaborate, communicate, be creative, and think critically.  It is our job as educators to help students improve in these areas.  This session will give participants a lens to look a their lessons and also give ideas on how to increase the 4 Cs across all subject areas and grade levels.

What is the Research on Homework and What Are Alternatives to Current Practices
We will look at the academic research regarding the limited effectiveness of traditional homework. We will discuss common agreements and alternatives that can make homework more academically beneficial and engaging for students.

Building a Love of Reading Campus-wide
We know rewards and points do not build a love of reading long-term.  How can we move away from rewards and what can we do instead?  Brandon will give ideas on how he moved his staff away from a computer-based point system and to building a love of reading throughout his entire campus.