Sunday, July 10, 2016

Is This Real Life?

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David after Dentist is a Youtube video showing a kid who is still feeling the effects of medication and isn't really sure what is happening right after he left the dentist.  The video has over 133 million views on Youtube.  If you have never seen it, here is the two minute video:

Why am I leading my blog post about #NAESP16 with this video clip?  I had so much fun, laughed so hard, met so many amazing people, did so many cools things, that the one question that kept coming to my mind was, "Is this real life?"  

So in honor of David After Dentist here are my top moments using some quotes from the video:

"Is this real life?"
I got to present with someone I greatly admire in Jennifer Kloczko.  I was able to write a blog post with #KidsDeserveIt author Todd Nesloney (we actually wrote two blog posts, second one coming next week).  I was able to get video editing tips from Brad Gustafson.  I was able to talk and hangout with the authors of #HackingLeader Tony Sinanis and Joe Sanfelippo.  I learned and laughed with Todd Schmidt on our very long water taxi ride to and from the baseball game.  I got to talk writing and blogging with Ross Cooper.  I was able to hangout and connect with everyone in our amazing PLN: Andy Jacks, Jessica Cabeen, Julie Vincentsen, Kas Nelson, Kathy Melton, Kyle Hoopes, Lindsy Stumpenhorst, Liz Garden, Lynn Colon, Mark French, Nick Proud, and Theresa Stager.  Forget just being some of the best educators I know, these people are some of the best people I know.

"Don't touch it!"
Sometimes you have to just go for it.  After our PLN all first met in person at the keynote we had the idea that we should go up on the stage and get a picture.  Were we supposed to get up on that stage?  Probably not, but it did lead to this awesome picture.

Connected leaders on stage at NAESP

"Stay in your seat."
Not sure how to explain the ferris wheel right other than my stomach hurt the next stay from laughing so hard.  This is the power of being connected.  To have so many laughs with people you just met cannot happen without being connected in someway beforehand.

"You have four eyes."
I tried writing this about 20 different times and still not sure what to say about the picture below.  Sometimes at a conference you just have to have some fun.

"I can't see anything.  Yes, you can."
As much as I love learning and making new connections, I also love to explore new places.  Our nation's Capitol is an amazing place, one I hope to be able to take my family to soon.  Between the Monuments at Moonlight tour and getting to explore the last day, I was able to see more of D.C. than I thought I was going to be able to see.

"Why is this happening to me?"
All of the opportunities to present, write, and hangout are due to the fact that I decided to become connected.  Obviously if you are reading this you are probably connected in someway.  If you are not connected, it is amazing the opportunities and friend you can meet just by deciding to connect on Voxer and Twitter. 

"Is this going to be forever?"
Obviously the conference is over so that doesn't last forever.  But what I am always amazed about is how these connections start on Twitter and Voxer and turn into so much more.  I didn't even know Jennifer Kloczko or Todd Nesloney a year and half ago and now they are very good friends.  Todd Schmidt is coming up to visit in September.  I also have no doubt that these connections and friendships will last a long time.  We will be there to support each other, ask advice, and hopefully create more memories.  So while the conference is only 3 days, the laughs and memories will be forever.  


  1. Honestly so honored to call you a friend and learn from and alongside you. You, my friend, are brilliant and amazing!

  2. This is an incredible blogpost. Laughter, learning, and connecting make any conference just that much better. Being there with you and building a powerful friendship is one of the highlights! Great job, brother!